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Bring mobile sports betting to Illinois


Illinois is missing out

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MOney for our state

Sports fans aren’t the only ones who win with mobile sports betting. Revenue generated through legal mobile sports betting means that money stays right here supporting communities in Illinois instead of flowing to illegal offshore bookies.


On mobile platforms, the customer is in the driving seat making decisions about how to play, and if issues arise, can use the mobile app to contact customer support. Conversely, offshore bookies do not implement fraud detection, location and age verification, compliance measures, or responsible gaming systems. U.S. based mobile operators champion these protections - viewing transparency as a win-win for the company and the customer.

INNOVATION & Competition

Just like ride sharing apps revolutionized the way in which people get around, mobile sports betting will revolutionize how fans enjoy the games they love. States like New Jersey have already shown that having competition in the sports betting market with experienced mobile operators is the only path to success. Any effort to limit competition by intrenched, incumbent gaming interests will harm customers, fans, and most importantly shortchange the state of Illinois. Innovation and competition works and should be embraced.


It's legal in Iowa and Indiana. Why not Illinois? Shouldn't this revenue be going to support communities in our own state?


New York Business Journal

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